The working process starts from the designing of the stage space and the creation of a concept of light and video design

Our team keeps itself up-to-date of market tendencies, such as the latest equipment and technologies.

That is why we are always able to find creative and functional solutions. Working on the design of a project, we use 3D modelling and visualization. It allows us to see the whole project and work through the smallest of details.

Executing the perfect production begins with accurately planning details

In any location where a production will occur, there are multiple considerations that must be thought out well in advance of the show date.

This can best be accomplished only after an accurate floor plan is created.

CAD drawings are an essential roadmap for all participants involved in putting together your event or production. These precise drawings can help highlight obstructions and partitions, exits, ceiling heights, and virtually every other important spatial detail for the designers, planners, production partners, and guests.

We put our ideas into practice and provide full technical support forthe project

We are responsible for sourcing the equipment and vendors.

A stable partnership with leading global companies allows us to use a broad range of tools for the realisation of our ideas.

We assume control of all technical departments on projects.

A unified control system helps us to work more efficiently.

We put our trust in the staff responsible for technical support, installation and equipment set-up

Our staff consists only of experienced professionals.

They are experienced in working on projects of all levels of difficulty, technical tasks and conditions.

It means that we are ready for even the most complicated of tasks.